Kidspiration Lesson


Title of Lesson Creating Character Maps Using Kidspiration
Essential Questions

1. Why is knowing who the characters are in the story so important?

2. How does knowing the traits of the characters make a difference in comprehending the story?

3. How did the character's traits affect the problem or solution in the story?

Culminating Task Students will create a character map with the main characters from the story "The Secret of Foghorn Island."
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Knowledge and Skills

1. Students will need to know who the main characters are.

2. Students will need to know how to work well with a partner.

3. Students will need to know how to brainstorm by using a web.

4. Students will need to know the basic skills in using Kidspiration.

Learning Activities

1. Students will read "The Secret of Foghorn Island" as part of our Success For All (SFA) Reading program.

2. Students will discuss main characters and their traits.

3. Students will work with a partner and brainstorm ideas for their character maps.

4. Students will be given time to create their character maps in the computer lab.

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