Technology History


Year long Inservice training offered by the University of Hawaii entitled Using Computers to enhance writing. Karen Naud attended and returned to school to introduce computer word processing to the third grade using Bank Street Writer and two Apple IIe computers.
Fourth grade received two Apple IIe computers through Chapter II funds, word processing continued using the computer as a tool for literacy
Fifth grade received two Apple II e computers through Chapter II funds, word processing continued using the computer as a tool for literacy
Sixth grade received two Apple II e computers through Chapter II funds, word processing continued using the computer as a tool for literacy
Macintosh computers were introduced to our campus. One LC, Mac IIsi, and four classics
One CD-Rom and Laser Disk player were given to our school
$25,000 grant for Windward district. The technology committee solicited the help of James Kahalewai, a professor at the nearby Brigham young University and his students to start the first phase of our LAN. Fifteen classrooms, Special Education and the office were linked together from a central located router using RG 58 thinner coaxial cabling installed in existing conduits to hubs. Computers were connected to four, eight port hubs using UTP level 5 cabling. All cable was plenumrated. ImageWriter and laser printers were connected to ethernet using two methods, hardware and software. Building I contained the school office. Etherwrite hardware modules provided round the clock availability for all networked computers, to the printer in I building. We purchased 15 Macintosh computers, a laser printer and networked grades 2-6, office and Special Education using a 10 Base T Asante network with pear to peer connections. GT received a Classic computer and Ink Jet printer from Safeway Apple in the Schools program.
Phase two started in September of 1994 and included the addition of two more eight port hubs, placing a minimum of two computers and up to five Macintosh computers in all classrooms in grades two through six, one Macintosh and one Apple IIe in grades Kindergarten and first, one Macintosh in custodial services and in the Health room, creating an Apple II lab with all remaining ģApplesī, the addition of Microsoft Mail and staff trainings, and the creation of a thirty member student tech support team. Additional Computers were purchased and placed two per classroom in grades 6 and one or two per room in grades k-3. Macintosh computers on campus totaled 31. Apple IIe computers totaled 24.
Funding from Windward district made it possible to purchase eleven more computers. This brought our total to 42 Macintosh computers and 24 Apple IIe computers. A+ also placed 3 Mac 575 computers on our campus. Our campus had assess to 10 CD-roms and one scanner.
A portion K-106 was set up and used as a Lab containing 20 computers for class use. Plans were made to remove the Thinnet network and install a Fiber Optic network.
Most of our Apple IIe were given to Hauula School. A Lab was created in the Old office with 26 Mac Computers, Lessons were started giving each class 1 1/2 hours of instruction in a 2 week period. Conduits were laid (one piece by the Kahuku 3rd Ward Cub scouts and their fathers) and fiber Optic/telephone cables were pulled to connect all buildings. The new Administration building was fully networked with RJ45, Video and telephone connections completed in all its rooms.
Foodland donated Digital cameras and A+ gave us 2 more computers. The learning Lab continued.
Raceways, telephone cables, RJ45 cables, junctions boxes and connectors were put in by volunteers from BYUH, students, teachers and the job completed and checked by the NSSB crew under the direction of Les Goto. 3 Com Hubs and patch panels were added to speed connections. Foodland donated three Imacs, a scanner and a digital camera. Teacher Inservices included Makani Email, Spreadsheets and Charts, and How to use the internet.
BYUH donated 5 computers, we purchased 10 Imacs, A+ gave us three Imacs. All classrooms were connected to the Internet. Lotus Notes set up for all teachers and teachers were trained to use it. Total computers connected to the Internet was 98. Plans to provide telephones for each building was started.