Special Activities

2004-2005 Student Body Officers

Super Raider

Every first Monday of the month, students from K-6 are recognized for being good citizens and are honored in front of the the school at an assembly. Parents are invited to help celebrate as their student is honored for their hard work and outstanding behavior.

Perfect Attendance and Perfect Grades

At the end of each quarter, students from all grades are recognized for being in school every day and also for having straight A's or E's on their report cards. These students are also given certificates and treats and are recognized in their classes.

Math Recognition

Kahuku Elementary School offers a mathematics contest called "Math Fax". The contest helps all students sharpen their test taking skills. It is also exciting to recognize and reward students who excel in Math. Our school joins other schools in the nation in an efort to build positive math awareness.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Halloween Parade

This annual parade is held annually on October 31. All teachers and students are encouraged to dress up in their favorite costume and join their classmates and they parade and dance throughout the school.

Native American Day

After spending a Social Studies unit on "The First Americans", the 3rd graders celebrate their very own Native American Day. The students spend a day participating in various "stations" focusing on the Native Americans' daily life. Some stations include putting up a teepee, playing lacrosse, making bead jewelry, identifying animal tracks, eating Navajo fried bread, and learning the sing language to the song"Go My Son.

Turkey Trot

Santa's Visit

History Day

Spelling Bee

Science Fair

The Science fair involves grades K-6 as they participate in the scientific method. Grades K-3 work on class projects where as grades 4-6 are required to turn in individual boards.

Dr. Seuss Read Across America

Physical Fitness

Sweetheart Luncheon

Career Day

Every month different careers are highlighted at an assembly. Students have been able to mingle with Doctors, Lawyers, Entertainers, Policemen, firemen, and dancers who have all come to our school to share their experiences.

Drug Free Week

During Drug Free Week students participate in many activities in which the central message is "Say NO to Drugs." Students are treated to bracelets, coloring books, Jump Rope for Heart, dances, assemblies, and guest speakers.

Camp Erdman

In February students in Grade 6 spend 4 days and 3 nights at Camp Erdman. There students participate in the Outdoor Education Program. They learn to work together, and to rely on one another in order to succeed.

Talent Show

The Student Council puts on the annual talent Show. Performances are by students from grades Knidergarten through grades 6. The show is shown to the school by closed curcuit TV.

Camp Pupukea

Bishop Museum Over Nighter

Another activity for the 3rd graders is a year-end culminating overnight field trip to the Bishop Museum. There they participate in hands-on activities relating to the Museum's current theme or exhibit, and utilize higher thinking skills, research skills, and cooperative learning. They also visit and explore the Museum, Planetarium, and Castle exhibits.

May Day


Big Island Trip

The fourth grade has a major social studies project. As a culmination to the study of our state and old hawaii, we take our students to the Big Island. There, we are able to see how our islands were formed and experience the culture and lifestyle of our ancestors. In essence we experience what we've studied throughout the year.

 Year Book

Kahuku Elementary puts out an annual yearbook showing school wide activities. They can be pre-purchased in January and picked up during the last week of school.

Six Grade Banquet

This banquet is held the night before 6th Grade Graduation. The Tradition began as a way of shortening the graduation ceremony. Here awards and recognitions are presented. It is a time for students to dress up and have one last get-together with their classmates.

Six Grade Graduation

Graduation is held on the last full day that students are in school. Students march to "Pomp and Circumstance" dressed in their best. Parents, students and Guests are all invited to watch. This ceremony includes: A Class Song, and the Kahuku High School Alma Mater. The entire ceremony lasts about 45 minutes.