FieldTrips or Information

1. American Presidents-Life Portraits Biographical facts Charles A. Beard's The Presidents in American; Beard, Charles Austin. 1874-1948. ©1989 Hawaii State Capital Tour Program Ph.# 586-0178
2. A Presidential Outline My First Presidents' Day Book; Fisher, Aileen Lucia. ©1987 Iolani PalaceTour Information Ph# 538-1471
3. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents The First Book of Presidents; Coy, Harold. ©1966 House of Representitives: Colleen Meyers Ph#586-8540
4. Time and the Presidency Lots of pictures The Presidency; Scriabine, Christine Brendel. ©1988 Senate: Bob Nakata Ph#686-7330
5. United States Presidents Trivia The Military Power of the President; Kronenwetter, Michael. ©1988 Office of the Attorney General Ph#586-1255 or 586-1500
6. Vice Presidents American Government; Faber, Doris. ©1988 City Hall: Ph#5232489
7. The Vice Presidents Presidents' Day Magic; Baker, James W., ©1989 Mayor Office Ph# 5234385
8. President of the United States facts/ election results/ cabinet members Mr. President : A Book of U.S. presidents; Sullivan, George, © 1984 Circuit Court: Information Ph#539-4910 or 539-4333
9. Presidentís Day The look-it-up Book of Presidents; Blassingame, Wyatt. ©1984 Family Court: Ph# 539-4200
10. The Executive Branch Duties and responsibilities of the President The Modern Presidency; Radding, Charles. ©1979 Supreme Court: Ph#539-4919
11. Air Force One Learn about the Presidentís airplane Our Country's Presidents; Freidel, Frank Burt. ©1981 Governor's Office: Information : Ph# 586-0222
12. Inside the White House Learn about where the president lives America and Its Presidents; Miers, Earl Schenck © 1970 Lieutenant Governor's Office: Ph# 586-0255
13. The White House Take a virtual tour The Living White House; Aikman, Lonnelle. ©1982  
14. Benís guilde to U.S. Government The Electoral College; Henry, Christopher E. ©1996  
15. Project Vote Smart An introduction to U.S. government The Presidency: an American invention; Fincher, Ernest Barksdale, © 1977  
16.The President Qualifications/ Benefits/ Powers    
17. U.S. A. Government The Three branches and more    
18.Hall of Presidents    
19.Portrait of a President    
20.Presidents of The U.S. A. Information and Inaugural Address