My Dog Spike

by Moana Mataafa


My dog Spike is so hairy

To my friends he is so scary.


I think no one likes him

But all I know is he likes a boy named Jim.


My dog spike likes to bark

Because he is so loud in the dark .


When my dog goes crazy

I think he is so lazy.


When my dog was on the wall

I knew he was going to fall.


My dog Spike likes to play in the soil

Because he digs for foil.


He likes to play in the spring

He also likes to play with a sling.


Dogs always like to play with scales

That's why on my tests I always fail.


When there was a fog

He played with the frog.


His teeth is so yellow

it looks like Jell-O.


When he ran away

I found him the next day.