by Leni Sekona


My name is Shaq.

I like to attack.


I went to McDonalds and like to eat.

I love big mac it's such a treat.


My teeth are so shiny,

and so slimy.


My skin is brown,

and I live all the way in town.


My teacher said I am the best,

but I always fail in the test.


Hey you with a Hook,

don't stab my assignment book.


I saw cat chasing a mouse,

while they were in my cousins house.


My dads name is Bob,

and he always does a great job.


I don't like to wear my shoe,

whenever I am at B.Y.U.


I don't like to stay,

with my cousin in T.V.A.


Somebody named Ammon

Always likes to eat saimin.


I like to box,

When I wear my socks.


My favorite color is red,

And I like to eat bread.


My brother's name is Leni,

And he always collects pennies.