Rubric for

The Branches of the U.S. Government Project





Self Evaluation

Peer Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation

Addressed Standards *Language Arts *Social Studies *Technology Listened as standards were discussed Listened as standards were discussed, understood standards Listened as standards were discussed, understood standards and able to retell the standards that were addressed      
Cooperative Teamwork Listened as group planned assignments Help to develop project and completed all individual assignments Stood out as a member of this group, worked with other members until project was completedv      
Research *Group work *Individual work Helped to develop assignments, aware of each person's assignments, collected information Worked together to compile assignments, completed individual assignments Made sure information was correct, helped to make sure others's information was correct, correct spelling, dates, facts      
Prepared Video Production *Treatment *Storyboard *Video Script No evidence of script or storyboard Storyboard was created with sketches and notes about proposed shots and dialogue Storyboard created with sketches, shots dialogue. Special effects or sounds used. A working Script used.      
Production Elements *On-Camera Host *Narrator (s) *Interviews *Music (background) *Music Montage *Original Footage ÔStill Video One or less production element used Three production elements used Four or more production elements used      
Lighting Only available light used. Scenes are too bright or too darkv Additional lighting was used. Few shadows or glares Additional lighting was used. Almost no shadows or glares      
Color No color scheme is apparent Backgrounds and clothing were selected to reduce contrast. Color selection suited the mood of the video. Selections made to reduce contrast      

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