Lesson Plan Sample

Title of Lesson Branches of the United States Government
Big Idea There are different branches that make up the United States government. Each branch has individual functions but work together to form the government
Essential Questions 1. What is the purpose of each branch?

2. Why is this branch important?

3. What is the history of this branch?

4. Can you describe this branch?

5. What is the responsibility / functions of this branch?
Culminating Task Students will work together in a small group to create a video that answers the essential questions.
Hawaii Content Standards/ Benchmarks Connect to Standards
Knowledge and Skills 1. Students will need to know how to gather information from a variety of sources.

2. Students will need to know how to work cooperatively with group members.

3. Students will need to know how to create and edit a video.
Learning Activities 1. Students will be given time to research in the library and in the computer lab.

2. Students will be shown steps to create a bibliography and how to cite their sites.

3. Students will work in groups to develop a treatment, storyboard and cue cards.

4. Students will be taught how to use a video camera.

5. Students will be taught how to edit their videos.

6. Students will view and evaluate each of the group's finished product.
Assessment /Rubric Connect to Assessment

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