Hilo is located on the east side of the Big island of Hawaii. You can see Rainbow Falls or Boiling Pots along the Wailuku river. There is a Mall that has different shops like Tilt, a chinese restaurant, a gum ball machine with big jaw breakers and gum balls, and McdDonalds There is the Liliuokalani Park which is like a Japanese garden. There are trees planted by important people like Hank Aarons along the road way.


In down town Hilo you can find a flower shop that has a lot of flowers that are cheap and smell very good. There is a theater where an old Kress store once was. Once there was some shops but when the tsunami hit it wiped them out and years later there stands a golf course. There is a clock that stands there with the time the tsunami hit as a reminder to all.

The latest statue of King Kamehameha also sits in down town Hilo.

Outside of the library lays the naha stone that KING KAMEHAMEHA lifted and conqured all the Island.

Jaggar Museum & Observatory

The Jaggar Museum & Observatory is in Hilo. If you go to the Jaggar Museum you will see a wonderful video and canoes and globes. You will also see plants and rocks. You will also see videos about astronots.

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