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Assessment Rubric

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Self Evaluation
Peer Evaluation
Teacher Evaluation

Addressed Standards •Language Arts •Social Studies •Technology

Listened as standards were discussed

Listened as standards were discussed, understood standards

Listened as standards were discussed, understood standards and able to retell the standards that were addressed

Cooperative Teamwork

Listened as group planned assignments

Help to develop project and completed all individual assignments

Stood out as a member of this group, worked with other members until project was completed

Research •Group work •Individual work

Helped to develop assignments, aware of each person's assignments, collected information

Worked together to compile assignments, completed individual assignments

Made sure information was correct, helped to make sure others's information was correct, correct spelling, dates, facts

Prepared Video Production •Treatment •Storyboard •Cue Cards

No evidence of treatment or storyboard

Storyboard was created with sketches and notes about proposed shots and dialogue

Storyboard created with sketches, shots dialogue. Special effects or sounds used. A working Script used.

Production Elements •On-Camera Host •Narrator (s) •Interviews •Music (background) •Music Montage •Still Video

One or less production element used

Three production elements used

Four or more production elements used

Video Quality

Only available light used. Scenes are too bright or too dark. Some scenes are shaky. Little or no variety of Shots

Additional lighting was used. Few shadows or glares. Video is not shaky. Few variety of shots were used.

Additional lighting was used. Almost no shadows or glare. A variety of shots were used. Video steady throughout


Does not always match the scene

Some grammar is correct and in complete sentences.

Grammar is clear and in complete sentences. Narration matches scene


Not clear and hard to hear.

Somewhat clear and can be heard.

Very clear and easy to hear.


Has sound, but does not add meaning to video, distracting at times

Has sound, sometimes adds meaning, few distractions

Sound adds meaning, does not distract


Has text, different fonts were used, too small to read

Text is all the same font, but not clear. too much used

Text is clear, used sparingly, large font and same font used for titles and throughout video


Transitions were used, too many used and distracting

Transitions used were somewhat distracting and too many

Transitions used added meaning to the video and did not distract. They were used sparingly.

Explorer Movies
Explorer Unit