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* = not in computer

ABI Abiyoyo
ABO About safety*
ADA Adaptation : the story of living things in Hawaii*
ADV The adventures of Taxi Dog
AES Aesopís fables I
AES Aesopís fables II
AES Aesopís fables III
AFR Africa*
AFR Africa : south of the Sahara*
AFR Africaís enduring art, then and now
AFR African journey (2 tapes)
AIR Air is matter air is there
AIR Air Pollution : a first film
AIR Airplanes : a first film
AIS A is for AIDS
ALE Alexander and the car with the missing headlight
ALE Alexander who used to be rich last sunday
ALI Alistairís time machine (2)
ALL All about bears
ALO Alone at home
AMA The amazing Amazon
AMA The amazing bone
AMA Amazing Grace
AME American Heart Association: lower elementary video*
AME American Heart Association: upper elementary video*
AME Americaís environment : can we clean up our act?*
AME Americaís great Indian nations
AMP Amphibians
ANC Ancient America : eastern woodlands
ANC Ancient America : nomads of the West
ANC Ancient America : the Northwest
ANC Ancient America : The Southwest
AND And still the turtle watched
AND And the children shall lead
ANG Angus lost
ANI Animal habitats : a first film
ANI Animals
ANI Animals eat in many ways
ANT Ant and the grasshopper
ANT Antarctic animals : living on the edge
ANT Antarctica : getting to the South Pole
ANT Ants : backyard science
APO Apoha : a fish story*
APP Applemandoís dreams
ARA Arabian nights
ARC Arcs & sparks testing
ART Artifacts of old Hawaii
ART Arts of Polynesia
ASK Ask for it (2)
AUS Australian animals : life down under
AUT Autumn
BAC The background of the American Revolutionary War
BAC The background of the Declaration of Independence
BAC Backyard science : lessons 1 thru 8
BAR Barn Dance
BEA Beauty and the beast (2)
BEA The beast of Monsieur Racine
BEE Bees : backyard science
BEE Beetles : backyard science
BEG Beginnerís guide to the internet*
BEL Bellybuttons are navels*
BER The Berenstain Bears and the truth (plus save the bees)*
BER Berlioz the bear
BES Best friends
BET Better safe than sorry II
BIC The Bicycle man
BIO Biological control*
BIO The Bionic Bunny Show
BIR Birds and birding : backyard science
BLA Black Beauty*
BLU The blue frontier : lessons 1 thru 8*
BLU Blueberries for Sal
BLU Bluebirds : bring them back
BOR Bored, nothing to do!
BOR Borreguita and the coyote (2)
BOY The boy and the snow goose
BOY The boy who cried wolf
BOY The boy who didnít listen
BOY The boy who loved trolls (2)
BOY Boyhood of Kamehameha
BRA A brain, books and curiosity
BRA The brain : the first computer
BRI Bridge to Terabithia (2)
BRO Brother future (2)
BRO Brother Rabiitís astonishing prank
BRO The brothers and the singing toad
BRU Brush
BUB Bubble-ology surface tension
BUF The buffalo still roam
BUG Bugs
BUZ The buzz about bees
CAL The calendar days, weeks, months
CAN The cannibal killers
CAP Caps for sale : a tale
CAS Casey at the bat (poem)
CAS Castles of clay : the termite
CAT Cat in the hat
CEL Cells : your starting place
CHA Charlie needs a cloak
CHE Chemicals
CHI Chickens
CHI Chickens arenít the only ones
CHI Children of Japan in Hawaii
CHI Children of Samoa
CHI A childís Christmas in Wales (2)
CHR Christmas isnít only for children
CHR Christopher Columbus, v.1*
CHR Christopher Columbus, v.2*
CIN Cinderella
CIR The circus comes to town
CLE Clean water*
CLI Climate : a first film
CLO Clouds : a first film
CLO Clown
CLY Clyde goes trick or treating
COA Coastlines
COL Color
COM Come a tide
COM Coming of the Polynesians
COM The comma
COM Computers and robotics
CON Conserving our precious minerals
CON Continents of the world*
CON Control center
COR Corduroy
COR Coronation of old Hawaii
COU Countdown to Y2K*
CRA The craneís magic gift : a Japanese fairy tale
CRE Creature features : lessons 1 thru 7
CRI Crickets : backyard science
CRO Crossing the line : the truth about gangs
CRO Crow boy
CUR Curious George rides a bike
DAN Daniel Defoeís Robinson Crusoe
DAN Daniel and the towers (2)
DAN Danny and the dinosaur
DAY Day of slaughter: the beginnings of the puíuhona
DEA Dead end drugs*
DEA Death of the gods
DEE The deer fairy
DES Desert : a first film
DES Desert giant : the world of the saguaro cactus
DIN Dinosaur Bob and his adventures with the family Lazardo
DIR Dirt
DIS Discovery : Michaelís journey growing up isnít easy*
DIV Dive to the coral reefs
DOC Doctor De Soto
DON Donít fake it
DON Donít stop before you get started
DON Donít : the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly
DOU The doughnuts from the book Homer Price
DRA Dragonflies
DRE A dream is an adventure
DRU Drugs and stuff with Harv and Marv
DRU Drug free music videos*
DRU Drummer Hoff
DUM Dummy and robot heroes
DUN Duncan and Dolores
E E malama i ka wai : cherish the water*
EAR The Earth and the sun : the essential diet
EAT Eat and be eaten food chains
EAT Eat well, be well*
EAT Eating the pyramid way with Harv & Marv
EDG Edge of ice
ELE The electric grandmother
EMP The emperorís new clothes
ENE Energy keikis*
ENE Energy, working for us
ESK Eskimos, a changing culture
EST Essential content*
EVE Everything is something : the basic structure of matter
EXC The exclamation mark
EXP Exploring the forest
EXP Expressions : lessons 1-8
EXP Expressions : lessons 9-16
EXP Expressions : lessons 17-18
EYE Eye of the beholder
FAC Facts of light refraction
FAM Family of strangers
FEE Feed me a story : how to read to your child*(4)
FIG The fig tree (2)
FIG Fighting germs and diseases
FIR Fire drill!
FIR The fire stick
FIR Firehouse dog (revised)
FIS Fish
FIS The fisherman and his wife
FIV The five Chinese brothers
FLI Flight
FLO Florence and Eric take the cake
FLO Flowing to the sea*
FLY Flying animals : winging it
FOL Follow the drinking gourd
FOR Forests
FOS Fossils : remains to be seen
FOU Fourteen rats & a rat catcher
FOX Fox on the job
FRE Fresh air
FRO Frog goes to dinner
FRO The frog prince
FRO From fuel to waste
FRO From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
FUE Fueling up
FUR The furry news : how to make a newspaper
GAL Galimoto
GER Germ fighting with Harv & Marv
GER Germs make me sick!
GET Getting a grip : friction
GET Getting ready for school*
GHO Ghost Island
GIF A gift of life*
GIR A girl of the Limberlost
GLO Global geography*
GOG Goggles
GOL The golden goose
GOL Goldilocks and the three bears
GOO The good manners game
GOO The good sport game
GRE The great blue heron story
GRE The greater sandhill crane story : Walter & Myrna Berlet
GRE Green eggs and ham
GRI Grimmís fairy tales, volume 1 (2)
GRI Grimmís fairy tales, volume 2 (2)
GRI Grimmís fairy tales, volume 3 (2)
GRI The Grinch grinches the cat in the hat
GRY Gryphon
HAI Hail to the chief : electing the president
HAI Hail to mail
HAL Halloween is Grinch night*
HAN Han Christian Andersonís the nightingale
HAU The haunting of Barney Palmer
HAW Hawaii 50th state, U.S.A.
HAW Hawaiian fishooks : tracing Polynesian migration to Hawaii
HAW Hawaiiís people*
HAZ Hazardous chemicals*
HEA Head lice dealing, destroying, and preventing
HEA Head to toe : lessons 1 thru 8*
HEA Head to toe : lessons 9 thru 15*
HEA Health care shopping tips*
HEA A healthy smile
HEC Hectorís bunyip
HEL Helpful little fireman*
HEN Henryís decision
HIA Hiawatha*
HIL Hila
HIR Hiroshima maiden (2)
HIS The history of the brain
HIV HIV/AIDS education project*
HOA Hoíala hou*
HOM Home at last
HON Honest Abe (2) 1*
HON Honey and honey bees : a first film
HOO The Hoober-Bloob Highway
HOO Hoíomau : lessons 1 thru 8*
HOO Hoíomau : lessons 9-13*
HOO Hoíopono Koíolau Loa*
HOR Horses
HOU The house at Dies Drear
HOW How do you know? : collect the data
HOW How do you know? : dig it up!
HOW How do you know? : experiment
HOW How do you know? : make a model
HOW How do you know that? : innate & learned behavior
HOW How much does the Earth weigh? : measurement and mass
HOW How to deal with the ìjerksî in your life and earn the respect of your friends
HOW How to catch a cold*
HOW How to use a timer on a videocassette recorder*
HUM Human body
HUM Humphrey the lost whale : a true story
IDO I do care
IDO I donít buy it
IDO Idol of vengeance
IFY If you give a mouse a cookie
IMA Imani
IMM The immigration experience
IMO Imogeneís antlers
IMP The importance of biodiversity
INA In a heartbeat
INC In charge at home (latchkey children)
IND Indoor air quality : tools for schools*
INS Inside Sea Life Park8
INS The inside story : digestion
INS Insect metamorphosis : backyard science
INS Insects
INT In the beginning
INT In the clear blue waters
INT In the middle of the sea
INT In the night kitchen
INT Introduction to the Connections kit*
INT Introduction to the water cycle*
ISA Isabella and the magic brush
ISL Islam : people, culture, conflict*
ISL The island of Skog*
IST Is this a house for Hermit Crab?
ITS Itís science...isnít it? : lessons 1 thru 6*
ITS Itís science...isnít it? : lessons 7 thru 12*
ITS Itís science...isnít it? : lessons 13 thru 18*
ITS Itís science...isnít it? : lessons 19 thru 24*
JAC Jack, the seal, and the sea
JAC Jacob have I loved (2)
JUG The juggler
JUL Juliette May Fraser
JUN June 29, 1999
KAC Kachinas : the stories they tell
KAH Kahuku Elementary School Geography Bee, 1-15-93*
KEK Ke kalo : the taro
KAL Kalu from the sea
KAL Kalulu and the leopard
KAM Ka meaíai Hawaiíi : Hawaiian food
KAN Ka nui : The coconut tree
KAT Kate Shelley and the midnight express
KAW Ka Waía : the canoe
KEE Keep the lights burning
KEK Ke Kukui : the candlenut tree
KEN Kenji : boyhood rememberances of plantation life in 1900 Hawaii
KID Kidfit : lessons 1 thru 6*
KID Kids in China
KIO Kioniís poi pounder
KIR Kirtlandís warbler : bird of fire
KNO Knots on a counting rope
KNU Knuckleheadís electric safety : grades K-2
KNU Knuckleheadís electric safety : grades 3-5
KOL Kolea the moon child
KON Konrad
KUK Ke kukui
KUM Kumara
KUU Kuumba
LAD The lady with the ship on her head
LAD Ladybugs
LAN Languages
LAN Lani and the shark man
LAS Last sheep*
LEA The learn from disappointment game*
LEG Legacy of a loon
LEG Legend of the ilima blossom
LEG The legend of Indian paintbrush
LEG Legend of the niu
LET Letís give kitty a bath
LIA Liía : the legacy of a Hawaiian man
LIB Liberty and justice : a look at the American legal system
LIB The library connection for whom the the Belle stole*
LIF The life and times of Abraham Lincoln
LIF Life cycle of the honeybee
LIF Life in the deserts
LIF Life of George Washington
LIF Life of the bighorn sheep
LIG Lightning : mysterious power
LIK Like you, Dad
LIS Listen to the forest*
LIT Little Ninoís Pizzeria
LIV Living color : light and color
LIV Living in groups : social behavior
LON The lone star kid
LOO Looking into things using scientific instruments
LOR The Lorax
LOS The lost lamb
LOT The lotus seed
LUD Ludlow laughs
MAG The magic gift of Rongo
MAG The magic school bus inside the Earth
MAK Make your own great videos with just a camcorder
MAK Making friends
MAK Making modern miracles
MAK Making plants grow plastic
MAK Making sense of it : using you senses
MAL Malama i ka ëaina, malama i ke kai*
MAN Mana, the magic spear
MAN Mantises
MAO Maori legends of New Zealand*
MAS Master and slave
MAT Math magic : methods*
MAT Math magic : teacher overview*
MAT Math Works : lessons 1 thru 8*
MAT Math Works : lessons 9 thru 16*
MAT Math Works : lessons 17 thru 24*
MAT Math Works : lessons 25 thru 28*
MAU Maui and the kite
MEA Meanwhile back at the ranch
MEA Measuring Gís : gravity/weightlessness
MEA Ka meaíai Hawaii
MEE Meet the grebes
MER Merry mirthworm Christmas
MIG The mighty prawns (2)
MIL The milk makers
MIL Millions of cats
MIN Mini-world of insects and spiders
MIR Miracle at Moreaux
MIS Mission houses
MIS Mister Benn*
MOA Moani and the sacred prince
MOD Ujima
MOL Mollyís pilgrim
MOM Momotaro & other folk tales of Japan
MON Monkeys fish the moon
MOO Moon man (2) 1*
MOR More power to you
MOR Morrisís disappearing bag
MOT Motion and forces : play ball!
MOT Motu the sentinel
MOU The mouse on the Mayflower
MRS Mrs. Katz and Tush
MUF Mufaroís beautiful daughters
MUM Mummies made in Egypt
MUS Muscles : holding you together
MUS Music (2)
MUS Music factory : lessons 1 thru 4*
MUS Music factory : lessons 5 thru 8*
MUS Music factory : lessons 9 thru 10*
MUS Musics of Hawaii*
MYC My choice
MYF My family, myself
MYL My little island
MYS My shadow
MYT Mythology of Greece and Rome
NAW Na waihoíoluíu colors
NAI Naia and the fish pond
NAK Na keiki o ka aina : children of the land*
NAP The napping house
NEC Necessary parties
NEG Negro slavery*
NEI The Neighbor Islands
NEI Neighborhoods are different*
NIG Nightmare on drug street*
NIH Nihon no kodomotachi : education*
NIH Nihon no kodomotachi : family*
NIH Nihon no kodomotachi : society*
NIH Nihon no kodomotachi : arts*
NIN 1998 Kahuku Elementary May Day program*
NIU Ka niu ; the coconut
NOG The no-guitar blues
NOP No place like home
NOR The north wind and sun
NOS Nosey Mrs. Rat
NOT Not worth the risk
NUT Nutrition, the pyramid way
OCE The 3-D sea ocean environments
OCE Oceans
OFF Officer Buckle and Gloria
OHA ëOhana ; the Hawaiian family
OLD Old mother witch
OLD The old warrior
OLE Olelo : lessons 1 thru 6*
OLE Olelo : lessons 7 thru 10*
ONC Once there was a tree
OND Ondra and the snow dragon*
ONT On the wings of a butterfly*
OPT Opt : an illusionary tale
ORD The order of things : classification
ORE The Oregon Trail
OUR Our countryís flag
OVE Overcoming visual impairments
OWE Owen
OWL Owl moon
PAE Pae i ka nalu : surfing in Hawaii
PAP Paper
PAP The paper game
PEP Pepperís ponds a wildlife refuge
PER The period
PET Petroglyphs : the art of the earliest Americans
PIE The pied piper of Hamelin
PIG The piggy in the puddle
PIL Pilgrim adventure : part 1*
PI: Pilgrim adventure : part 2*
PIL Pilgrimís first year*
PLA Play it smart*
POC A pocket for Corduroy
POH Pohinanina
POL Pollution
POL The Polynesian Cultural Center
PON The pond : a first film
PON Dr. Seussís Pontoffel Pock, where are you?
PRI The princess and the pea
PRO The problem solving film
PRO Project class*
PUB The Public Land Trust*
PUR The purple coat
PUS Puss in boots
QUE A queenís vision : stories of the Queenís Medical Center*
RAB Rabbits
RAC Raccoon story : a Menomini Indian folktale
RAC Raccoons and ripe corn
RAI Rain : a first film
RAP Rapunzel
REA Reading adventure*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 31 thru 34*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 35 thru 38*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 39 thru 42*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 43 thru 46*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 47 thru 50*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 55 thru 58*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 59 thru 62*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 63 thru 66*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 67 thru 70*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 71 thru 74*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 75 thru 78*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 79 thru 82*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 83 thru 86*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 87 thru 90*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 91 thru 94*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 95 thru 98*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 99 thru 100*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 101 thru 104*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 105 thru 108*
REA Reading rainbow : lessons 109 thru 110*
REA The real me
REB Rebeka goes to China
REC Rechenkaís eggs
REC Recycle it!
REM The remarkable mountain goat
REM The remarkable riderless runaway tricycle
RIV Rivers
ROB The robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner
ROB Robin Hood
ROY Royal boy of Samoa
RUM Rumplestiltskin
RUN Runaway (2)
RUN The runaway duck
RUN The runt
RUT Ruth Law thrills a nation
SAF Safety first
SAI Saimin
SAL The salamander room
SAM Sam the sea cow
SAM Sam, Bangs and moonshine
SAY Saying no to alcohol and drugs
SCI Science in Hawaii : lessons 1 thru 6*
SCI Science in Hawaii : lessons 7 thru 12*
SCI Science in Hawaii : lessons 13 thru 18*
SCI Science in Hawaii : lessons 19 thru 24*
SCI Science in Hawaii : lessons 25 thru 30*
SCI Science in Hawaii : lessons 31 thru 32*
SEA The sea and me
SEA Sea birds
SEA Seashore surprises
SEA A season in the sun
SEA Seasons of the elk
SEA Seasons of the white-tailed deer
SEC Secret valley
SEE Seeds and weeds : observing plants
SHA Shadow of the moon*
SHI Ships : a first film
SHO The shocking truth : bioelectricity
SHO The shoemaker and the elves
SHO Show time!
SIG Sights
SIL Silent lotus
SIX The Sixties : the decade that changed America*
SLE Sleep
SMO Smoking, no thanks!
SNA Snails : backyard science
SNE The sneeches
SNO Snow : a first film
SNO Snowy day
SNO Snowy day : stories and poems
SNO The snowy day
SOA Soap
SON The son of Lono
SOP Sophie and Lou
SOU Sound
SOU Sound of sunshine, sound of rain
SOU Sounds
SPA Space
SPA Space case
SPA Sparkyís ABCís of firesafety*
SPE Speech festival 2000 contestants*
SPE Spelling Bee: Kahuku Elelmentary School, 1996 & 1997* (2)
SPI Spiders : backyard science
SPO Sports of old Hawaii
SPO Sport pages
STA Standing Tall
STA Staying away from the junkyard
STA Staying healthy
STE Stellaluna
STO Stone soup
STO Storm alert!
STO A story, a story
STO The storybook series : v.1
STO The storybook series : v.2
STO The storybook series : v.3
STO The storybook series : v.4
STO The storybook series : v.5
STR Stranger from Kahiki : legend of the first ti plant in Hawaii
STR The street where Prescilla lives
STR Strega Nonna (2)
SUM Summer
SUN The sun : heat, light and life
SUN Sunlight : a first film
SUN Sunken treasure
SUR Surface tension : bubble-ology
SWE Sweet 15
SYL Sylvester and the magic pebble
TAK Taking care of terrific
TAK Taking responsibility : standing up for yourself*
TAL Talk hair talk*
TAL Tall tales and legends*
TAR Tar beach
TAR Taro tales
TEA Teaching the whole child in kindergarten*
THE The theft of fire
THE Theyíre habit forming : crystals
THI Third voyage of Captain James Cook, 1776-1780 : discovery of the Hawaiian Islands
THR A three hat day
THR 3-2-1 classroom connect : lessons 1 thru 8*
THR 3-2-1 classroom connect : lessons 9 thru 16*
THR 3-2-1 classroom connect : lessons 17 thru 24*
THR 3-2-1 classroom connect : lessons 25 thru 30*
THR Through moon and stars and night skies
TID Tide pools*
TIE Tie dye*
TIM Time of maths
TIM Time of wonder
TOO Tooth-gnasher superflash
TOT Totem poles : the stories they tell
TOW Towser and the black knight
TOW Towser and the conjuror
TOW Towser and the dentist
TOW Towser and the lion
TOW Towser and the magic apple
TOW Towser and the nosey parker
TOW Towser and the secret
TOW Towser and the wizard
TRA Training animals
TRA Trains : a first film
TRE Treasure Island*
TRE Trees and our environment
TRU Trumpeter swans return
TUR Turkeys in the wild
TUR Turtles
TWE Twenty thousand leagues under the sea*
TWO Two little owls
UGL The ugly duckling
UJI Ujima
UNC Uncle Montyís gone
UNI The United States : geography of a nation
VAN Vanishing Hawaii
VIL The village of round and square houses
VIS A visit in the past with Robert E. Lee
VOI Voices of the rainforest
VOL Volcanoes
WAA Ka waía
WAA Waa, Nihongo : lessons 1 thru 8
WAA Waa, Nihongo : lesson 9
WAL The wall
WAL A waltz through the hills
WAT Water
WAT Water cycle : go with the flow
WHA What do seeds do? : a first film
WHA What hurts?
WHA Whatís good to eat? (2)
WHA Whatís in a rainbow?
WHA Whatís in a shadow? : finding directions
WHA Whatís in a spider web? : observing animals
WHA Whatís in an egg : observing animal growth
WHO Who are you?
WIL Wild boars
WIN Wind : a first film
WIN Wings :a tale of two chickens
WOR Words by heart
ZOO Chimpanzees
ZOO The Zookeeper