How do people polute the ocean?

Marine Garbage

Marine garbage is another major form of ocean pollution. Many people use the ocean to dump trash. Sometimes the garbage includes fishing nets, plastics, general household garbage and even stuff like lightbulbs. Poluting the oceans is serious because is fish intangeled themseves in fishing nets and are dying. Sea animals sometimes swallow marine garbage. Then is gets in their stomachs. Even plastic bags can damage the oceans.


Sewage is another major form of ocean pollution. It puts nutrients in the water abd sometimes too much algae grows and cuts off the oxygen for sea animals. Some sewage contains bacteria and parasites that poisin shellfish.

Toxic Pollutants

Heavy metal poisoning is a toxic pollutant. They poison the sea animals or cause birth defects and nervous system damage. Oil, burned wood, and coal cause chromosome damage to many sea animals.

Non-Point Pollution

Non-point pollution is runoff. It can be runoff from roads, air or agriculture. It can be fertilizers, chemicals or atmosphere fallout.